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Serian Division reports 23 cases of animal bites, says committee
Tarikh : 25 Jul 2017  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

A dog being vaccinated during the operation at Mile 7 near Kuching.

KUCHING: A total of 352 new animal bite cases were detected cumulatively between July 2 and yesterday, with Serian Division accounting for 23 cases yesterday alone.

This brought the total cumulative cases of dog bites that occurred between April 1 this year and yesterday to 805 cases.

“A total of 482 people have been vaccinated. The state Health Department is still trying to contact those who have not received vaccination,” the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) said in a press statement yesterday.

The vaccination is for any dog and cat bite case that happen in rabies-infected areas, which fulfil the clinical criteria.

Although their pets have been given vaccination, the people are urged not to leave the animals roaming around and are advised not to play with their pets. Those bitten by dog/animals especially from the infected areas should immediately seek treatment at nearby health clinic or hospital.

Meanwhile, the state Veterinary Services Department (JPVS) conducted a dog vaccination operation at the basketball court at Mile 7 near here, from 10am to 4pm yesterday.

“A total of 1,799 dog owners brought their dogs, with the total number of dogs vaccinated at 3,604. We would like to thank SUPP for coming together to make the anti-rabies vaccination a success,” the JPBN said.

As at yesterday, a total of 17,844 pets had been vaccinated, consisting of 10,204 dogs, 7,595 cats and 45 other animals.

“The JPVS also has at this time held 109 awareness campaigns on rabies at villages and schools in the areas involved, which were attended by 21,411 participants.

“JPVS will continue with its vaccination programme, surveillance, awareness campaign and investigation on complaints regarding rabies infection in the areas involved as a way to control the infection of the disease. It is also seeking cooperation from all parties where their pets had been vaccinated, to lock up and observe the animals’ behaviour.

“If there are changes such as sudden aggressiveness, biting anything that moves, sudden fear of water and light, isolating itself and discharging excessive saliva, the pet owners should report to JPVS operations room by calling 082-612949 / 611607 or fax to 082-613460.”

Meanwhile, the JPBN coordination meeting, chaired by Deputy State Secretary Datu Jaul Samion who is also the committee’s deputy chairman, was held at Wisma Bapa Malaysia yesterday.

The meeting confirmed that the fifth rabies victim had passed away at 10.43pm on July 23 at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH).

The 52-year-old man from Kampung Remun in Serian is believed to have been bitten by a dog in early May. The case was reported to the Health Ministry on July 19 and was confirmed to be positive of rabies on July 18.

The first four victims who succumbed to the virus were a six-year-old girl and her four-year-old brother from Kampung Paon Sungai Rimo; a seven-year-old girl from Kampung Lebor and a five-year-old girl from Kampung Ampungan – all in Serian Division.

So far, 20 areas in Sarawak have been declared rabies infected – 16 in Serian, two in Tebedu, once each in Sri Aman and Kuching.

They are Mile 5 Jalan Semeba (Kuching), Kampung Entebuh (Tebedu), Kampung Krait, Kampung Paon Rimu, Kampung Paon Rimu Bakung, Kampung Remun, Kampung Lebor, Kampung Seroban, Kampung Tangga, Kampung Ampungan, Kampung Mentong Berawan, Kampung Mentong Silaga, Kampung Engkabang, Kampung Tampek Sumpas, Kampung Rasau. Siburan Bazaar, Serian Town and Mile 45 Kuching-Sri Aman Road, Kampung Temong Mura (Tebedu) and Rumah Janta Punggu Mawang (Sri Aman).