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Daughter of rabies victim worries about her future
Tarikh : 25 Jul 2017  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

Photo : Jimmy shows a photo of her late husband.

SERIAN: It was the saddest day for Elisa Tinding, 17, as she had just lost her father — the sole breadwinner for her family and the person who had been supporting her in her education.

Her father, Tinding Lambang, 52, was pronounced dead around 10.30pm at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) on Sunday after being infected by the rabies virus.

“I am now very worried about my future because I still want to go to school. But I have lost my father – the only hope I had to achieve my dreams,” Elisa told The Borneo Post at her house in Kampung Remun, some 10km from here, yesterday.

Her mother Jimmy Janga, 42, said her daughter, who is now in Form 5 at SMK Gedong, was very close to her husband.

“She has not eaten any food after her father passed away at SGH. I’m worried about her too, not just about her education but her health as well,” said Jimmy.

According to her, Tinding was bitten by a dog sometime in May and he only went to Kampung Triboh health clinic, which is a five-minute drive from her village, 10 days later.

“We never suspected that he was bitten by a rabid dog. We were only told that he was confirmed a rabies victim when we sent him to Serian Hospital on July 14. By then, he was very ill and upon reaching SGH, he was already in a coma,” she recalled.

According to Jimmy, her husband was a tractor operator but he was not on full-time employment.

“He was a good husband and a good father to my two children. He had tried his best to provide for us,” she said in between sobs.

Besides Elisa, they have a son, Patrick, 19, who did not complete his studies as he is a heart patient.

“I can’t comment further on this issue (rabies outbreak) as we are all in shock over my father’s passing,” Elisa said.

A cousin of the victim, Anthony Ginda, 59, hoped that his fellow villagers would take care of their dogs and other pets and not let them loose.

“Of course we should love our dogs and pets but during this critical time, we have to take care of ourselves and we must ensure that our dogs are kept properly,” he said.

Tinding will be laid to rest at the village’s Anglican cemetery after the funeral service today.