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41 bite cases detected in Serian, seven in Sri Aman
Tarikh : 23 Jul 2017  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

KUCHING: Forty-one bite cases were detected in Serian and seven other cases in Sri Aman yesterday, bringing the total of bite cases in Sarawak to 687 cases.

State Disaster Management Committee said 419 individuals had been vaccinated while the state Health Department is in the midst of contacting others yet to be given the vaccine.

“A total of 308 new bite cases were detected in Serian and Sri Aman between July 2 and 22,” said the committee in a press statement.

The committee called upon the community to make sure that their pets are securely tied and placed in an enclosed area to prevent the animals getting in contact with dogs because rabies is spread through bites from one dog to another.

Pet owners are also urged to send their pets for rabies vaccination.

According to the committee, the vaccine takes at least a month to take effect and animals that have recently been vaccinated must be put under restraint.

Pets should also be closely monitored for any change of behaviour, said the committee, adding that their owners should contact the nearest veterinary office if they are worried about their pets’ well-being and behaviour.

People are also advised to distance themselves from stray dogs and cats and avoid feeding and playing with them.

If one is bitten by a dog, the bite wound must be cleansed with soap and water immediately and leave the wound under running water tap for at least 15 minutes.

After cleansing the bite wound, the individual should visit the nearest clinic or hospital for an examination.

The committee also urged pet owners not to let their pets wander around or play with them after the animals had been vaccinated.

To date, a total of 12,636 animals in the rabies outbreak areas have been vaccinated.

State Veterinary Services Department (JPVS) has also organised 94 awareness campaigns on rabies outbreak in villages and schools involving  18,320 participants.

The committee said JPVS would continue activities including vaccination, surveillance and awareness campaign as well as looking into cases reported in the rabies outbreak area.

The department appealed to all to closely monitor their pets after the vaccination.

Any change of behaviour from normal to violent or beginning to bite stationary objects, fear of water and light or excessive saliva on animals must be reported to JPVS operation room at 082-612949/611607 or fax 082-613460.